Let's rebuild together






As we are all grieving the tragic loss of our brother George Floyd, we are reminded that there is no greater strength than a community that works together to care for and support one another. With the unfortunate turn of our peaceful protests, many of our neighbours were left with businesses - and livelihoods - completely destroyed. The majority of the impacted businesses were small, family-owned operations that were already challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through these turbulent times we have witnessed the lengths to which people are willing to help and support their communities in rebuilding. Many people have volunteered hours of their time, while others have looked towards making donations to support those that were most impacted. Finding which businesses were impacted, and choosing where to donate funds can be challenging for those who do not live in the affected communities. This website was created by some students at the University of Minnesota medical school to serve as a point of reference to quickly identify the various small businesses and community organizations that are currently fundraising. This list is not all inclusive, and will be updated regularly to reflect any additional fundraising efforts.

If there are businesses/organizations that are currently fundraising but are not listed on the site, please reach out to us and we will add them. Additionally, if any businesses need to start fundraising efforts, please let us know as we would be happy to assist with the set up process.




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